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The most popular NY neighborhood for family life, Carnegie Hill attracts people around the world because of its prestigious schools and a great selection of apartments for rent. Besides that, you can find townhouses, condos and even marvelous mansions, if that’s your kind of taste. All in all, Carnegie Hill has the ultimate living conditions. This neighborhood got the name after a mansion that was built on Fifth Avenue by Andrew Carnegie. It spans the area from East 86th to East 96th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Lexington Avenue.

What’s Special About Carnegie Hill?

What’s especially unique about Upper Carnegie Hill is the Museum Mile – one part of Fifth Avenue that’s rich with museums and other cultural and historical buildings. The Museum Mile is becoming more and more visited each year thanks to the Museum Mile Festival (in June) when all nine museums are open to the public. What better place to raise your kids and offer a fantastic education than in a home in Upper Carnegie Hill? The vicinity of Central Park makes it even more irresistible. Apartments for rent in Upper Carnegie Hill are a little more expensive if they’re near Central Park. Still, the quiet and peaceful environment is priceless.

Where to Find Carnegie Hill Real Estate?

If you’re looking for Carnegie Hill apartments for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Carnegie Hill real estate is more affordable than in the majority of New York’s neighborhoods. For example, the average rent in Battery Park City is 26% higher than in Carnegie Hill. This is another reason why families choose to buy or rent homes in this part of Manhattan. AA Real Estate office Midtown Manhattan has more than 800 properties in Carnegie Hill to offer. You’ll be able to find a fantastic real estate for sale for less than $500,000 that looks better than small apartments that cost the same in another, upscale area. Also, studios for rent in Carnegie Hill are not as expensive as the rest of Manhattan’s real estate. Rely on AA Real Estate NYC, and your search for a dream home in New York will be stress-free and enjoyable.

What’s the Average Monthly Rent in Carnegie Hill?

The average monthly rent for apartments in Carnegie Hill ranges from $1500 to around $3000. Although this seems like a costly rent, the benefits of renting an apartment in Carnegie Hill far outweigh the drawbacks. The reason is simple: the Manhattan area is a very well-developed part of New York City. The boroughs are distinctly unique and cater to the needs of a vast amount of people. Carnegie Hill real estate for rent allows you to live in one of the quietest parts of the city without having to travel far for work or education. You can stay close to your school or workplace and make sure your family lives in a safe and healthy environment.

Carnegie Hill Info

  • Carnegie Hill is the part of Manhattan with occupants mostly being retirees, wealthy business executives, and families with children.
  • Carnegie Hill is not the best place for going out at night – there aren’t many nightclubs and bars there, making it a perfect family-friendly neighborhood
  • If you want to hang out, you can hop on to one of the attractive cafes and drink delicious coffee or tea
  • Some of the best hangout places for the Upper East Side locals are Sarabeth’s restaurant, Paola’s restaurant, or the Lex restaurant.

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