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The world’s most famous park surely is the most desirable place to live in Manhattan. Not only does living here offer the opportunity to enjoy Central Park’s beautiful nature, but this neighborhood is also attractive thanks to the numerous museums. This park surely is one of the most filmed destinations in the world. If you’ve always imagined taking your pet for a walk, or just jogging through Central Park, you already know it’s a really magical place. The most popular streets to live in are those that surround the park. It’s always the best option to choose apartments in taller buildings that offer the best view of Central Park. You can also consider living in the Upper East Side and Upper West Side that are right next to the Central Park neighborhood.

Finding real estate near Central Park may seem challenging as this is one of the most popular destinations to live in New York. However, your trusty AA Real Estate office nearby has many options to choose from. With us, finding a perfect Central Park property for sale will be a piece of cake. Why? Because the nearest real estate agents NYC are there to carefully listen to all of your needs, preferences, and wishes so that they can find your dream house that will fit your budget. If you’re not interested in buying a house/apartment in New York but only want a condo for rent in Central Park, AA Real Estate agency close by can assist you with that, too. Give us a call and see what’s on offer!


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