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Fort Greene is located in the northwest of Brooklyn, and it’s a peaceful, family-friendly neighborhood. The park that has the same name is in the middle of the neighborhood, and it is a calm place where you can enjoy your free time and relax, and where kids can play. When it comes to housing options, mostly low-rise buildings and homes dominate Fort Greene, and the entire neighborhood has a warm, family feel. Fort Greene Brooklyn apartments for sale are very affordable compared to Manhattan. There’s also inexpensive eateries and adorable shops on the main streets are what make this area even more desirable. 

Fort Greene Connectivity

Fort Greene is served by many important subway lines that keep you connected to the rest of New York City. The nearest subways in Fort Greene are: 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, D, D, G, N, Q and R lines. Fort Greene is well connected to the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, as well as Brooklyn Queens Expy. You can get to anywhere in Manhattan by train in 15-30 minutes, and by car, up to 20 minutes. This place is perfect for commuters that work in Manhattan. Fort Greene is excellent for walking and has functional public transit. 

Life in Fort Greene

Fort Greene and the neighboring Clinton Hill are gorgeous areas of Brooklyn. Their streets are lined with brownstone homes, and have lots of greenery. In fact, one of the best brownstone streets in New York is Fort Greene’s Oxford Street. People from all walks of life live in Fort Greene. This is a place of close community of artists, families and professionals from all over the world, who are laid-back, open-minded and diverse. Fort Greene features numerous historic monuments such as Prison Ship Martyrs in Fort Greene Park, the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, and Queen of All Saints Church. Fort Greene is one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, it’s very family-friendly and has amazing public schools.

Fort Greene Brownstones for Sale

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