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This New York neighborhood has European vibes and it’s more similar to any city in Europe than to other NYC’s districts. Narrow, dense streets and European-like architecture of the buildings are some of the factors. As the city’s biggest historic district, every change considering the exterior needs to be approved before done. What’s also interesting about Greenwich Village is the variety of different buildings – from townhouses to luxurious lofts. Not only that, but the residents are also diverse. Greenwich Village is home for both students all around the USA as well as sharp and elegant business people and calm and relaxed tourists. You’ll also appreciate the presence of various subway lines that will take you to other neighborhoods of the city.

If you are attracted by this vibrant neighborhood, give AA Real Estate NYC a call and see which housing options this team of realty experts has to offer. From the affordable coop at 23 Waverly Place that costs $349,000 to the super-luxurious townhouse at 11 West 10TH Street that costs $50,000,000 – AA Real Estate agency “near me” can find the best home for you and your family. So, when you’re thinking about how to buy a property in Greenwich Village, count on the AA Real Estate office to support you in that quest!


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