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Williamsburg is another hip neighborhood in Brooklyn that is desirable among young artists that enjoy buzzy bars, trendy boutiques, and chic cafes. This neighborhood is very vibrant and full of interesting happenings during the entire year, but especially during summer. The waterfront and other green spaces provide fantastic options for a relaxing day in nature, with the most amazing views. The Williamsburg area was one of the more affordable options for young artists that wanted to avoid pricey Soho in the past. However, Williamsburg has lately become one of the more luxurious and expensive areas in Brooklyn. Street art in this part of New York is always breathtaking, and it makes the walls of old fabrics more hip and fun. Studios, galleries, lux condos – Williamsburg has it all. If you like vibrant and active lifestyle, but still need some peace, Williamsburg’s south side has remained calm and more laid-back. Serviced by three convenient trains, Williamsburg is one of the best choices for young people.

And if you’re wondering “what’s the best real estate firm in Williamsburg?” the answer is obvious – it’s AA Real Estate. If you’re looking for an affordable property for sale in Brooklyn, the best team of house agents in NYC can recommend the lovely and modern coop at 108 Division Avenue for $385,000. If, however, you prefer a luxurious lifestyle and are looking to rent a condo in Williamsburg that’s very high-end and modern, you should go with the property at 429 Kent Avenue.


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